Scripture, Piano, & Song

Grace Bought is a Volunteer Community Service whose primary goal is to bring music, song, and scripture into the lives of communities while highlighting the unique strengths, intricacies, and challenges of my Special Needs Child, Kalise (here), who is a brilliant singer and loves music.

  Kalise loves life and is a generous, and kind soul.  She is enthusiastic when she is reading her Bible, praying, learning languages, singing,  dancing, and playing musical instruments.  Kalise excels at spelling, writing, art and is a great stage performer.  She has two dynamic adult siblings, James and Celestelle, who love her very much.  

Kalise looks forward to our community outreach.  She is my trusted assistant and videographer.  By including her in activities of "Grace Bought“ (where appropriate), she engages one on one with peers, while developing her sense of independence and responsibility. Our service structure involves her in the form of "Natural Environmental Learning,” where methods and materials encourage the development of her unique talents and that of others.  

 Scripture, Piano and Song

  I bless the Lord for allowing us to have this service because the rewards of this service for all involved is positive and transformational.

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