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We are excited to announce that our 1st Student of "Grace Bought" Community Service, Sharica "Shay" Dirks, is ready to transition and has found a professional Music School in her community where she will continue her education.

Jammin Music Long Beach has agreed to accept Sharica into their program. Shay completed her entry interview with the Director, Kerri Hikida,

who found Sharica eager and ready to advance in her vocal studies.  

"Grace Bought" is responsible for six months' tuition of professional Voice Lessons for Shay going forward as per our service commitment.


For our friends and followers who have inquired about sponsoring this life-changing service, please use this occasion to donate to our efforts and promote progress at a grassroots level. 

To our new guests, we invite you to check out our community services and kindly leave a gift of hope.

Our goal for shay is $1600.00, which will cover an hour of training each week for six months at Jammin Music Long Beach.

On our "featuring" page we share a portion of  "Shay's"  sessions, assignments, and her journey for the academic year of 2019 at "Grace Bought" Community Service.

Be inspired, take the tour of the site and explore our 2019 video album.  Please link up to a copy of Shay's scriptural insights as a gift from us.

Blessings  Always,

Grace C Yhap


 Scripture, Piano and Song

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