Become A Change Agent


Use this opportunity to expand lives through Music and Song.

Tell us why your school or a recommended school is the best choice for us to promote and raise funds for our graduating students to attend.  Let us talk about discounts and offers for them, and or about your free lessons for them.  The same goes for Pianos, Keyboards, and Quality Microphone sets or Karaoke Machine companies. 


"Paying-it-forward," Music/Voice-training Schools, or Teachers, as well as equipment contributors, Organizations, Businesses, and or Foundations that are interested in lifting our students to their next level upon graduating from the Beginner's Piano and Voice lessons program here at Grace Bought;


Please contact us with any communication regarding YOUR DONATION OF SERVICES AND OR YOUR PROPOSAL TO CONTRIBUTE.

Your source of enrichment is highly appreciated and valued.

At this time, we are only accepting Pledges of NEW Instruments and equipment and or donations of services.

Event Contributions

The Grace Bought Volunteer Community Service aims to be funded solely by events and contributions.  

We host fundraising events to assist our students in getting to their next music

educational step as well as equipping them to do so.  

These are “Beginners” courses only, [The John Thompson Easiest Piano Course ] our students are challenged to go forward with their studies by course' end.

Each year our previous students are featured on the website to give updates on their progress and plans.  



 Scripture, Piano and Song

  I bless the Lord for allowing us to have this service because the rewards of this service for all involved is positive and transformational.

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