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As My Savior Desires


"She looks so normal." Those four words can calm and cause chaos inside of me at the same time. They can be a blessing or a curse to hear, depending on the circumstances surrounding my youngest child. My beautiful girl has ASD.


She was diagnosed a little over seven years ago. She was a toddler at the time, and our family had faced a significant crisis that year and much turbulence in the previous years. We had to move and were in transition at the time, so I thought she was just overly anxious by all the inter-personal goings-on that were daily stressors overshadowing our lives. During our initial stage of transition, our paths lead us to be in the company of a family friend, Thyjuan Harris, who is a leader in child education. Upon her meeting Kalise, she began to interact with her closely, and then at the end of the visit, she informed me that Kalise might be developmentally disabled. I said, "No, you are wrong." I went on to explain to her that my child couldn't possibly be that no, not my child. I told her about our present circumstances and how my baby may be overwhelmed but NOT developmentally disabled! I babbled on about how smart my toddler was, mentioning all the unique and distinctive traits my little one possessed. I went on and on until I had said my say. As a professional, and as a loving sister and friend, my good friend (I now see her as an angel no doubt) reached into her purse got out a pen and paper and wrote down the resources I'd need if I ever felt the need to get my daughter checked out. That was the beginning of my quest to find out just how much kindness would emanate from learning how to care for this particular child.

Kindness is present in life upon many faces and found in countless places. Some of its new seeds are cultivating in us. Others have surrounded us, while still more carry us through this wonder called life. We are kept by our creator, who kindly holds us in His hand as we whisper prayers where He lives; in our hearts.

Today, with ASD, (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), and ASD "As my Savior Desires" (me to yield to His every word); my perceptions and understanding about our existence remain converted.*

We've become students of kindness. The kind that courses through our veins flushing past pain to embrace pure love. We are privileged to live through our healing by choosing to move forward while searching inward. We study and release offerings of music, song, and scripture ready to be gifted to others.

John 10:29 (KJV)

My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand.

Isaiah 6:9-10 (Conversely speaking)

*I dedicate this blog to the memory of Mrs. Maude Elizabeth Parker Dennis, my beloved Music Teacher.



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