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Running Towards My Heart

Updated: Feb 22

Seven years ago, I became a runaway, and so did my toddler. Like most runaways, I saw my present situation as breakable, as in, capable of breaking me into irreparable pieces.

I knew I could do better.

On the run, I would find out that the Art Business I'd been nursing and had staked my dreams of sustainability on, would not be feasible due to my daughter's then-shocking diagnosis of ASD. Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

I couldn't work a 9-5 job due to my child's extensive assessments. I had no one close who could drive us around, either.

I learned Piano as a child and still knew how to play a bit, so I asked my church to let me use the Sanctuary to teach Beginner Lessons and they agreed.

While teaching, I noticed most of my clients looked at me like, "where is this going"? They began to slack off on practices and didn't make the classes a priority. They found no issues with me, but their cynicism existed because of the stigma that classical music education and music education, in general, have undergone in our society. Most schools have eliminated music education out of their curriculum completely due to drastic budget cuts over many years. In recent times, music training has become inaccessible or a luxury. While my student's actions and commitment levels exposed their underlying doubts, I had to remedy the situation. After a few weeks of realizing some pupils weren't practicing at home and had no instruments, I went online and got free used keyboards and supplied them. I stored this disturbing situation in the back of my mind, thinking, "This should not be the norm in our community, I need to work towards the solution." I didn't know how this would come to be, but it was to be. I'd sometimes envision the cultural center I'd later own with money from my successful businesses. But right then, in my present circumstance, I had to charge a minimum fee, teach the lessons, and forge ahead, so that's what I did.

As God has granted, 11 months ago, through "Grace Bought" community service, I started serving music, song, and scripture to my community while aiming to assist students to their next music levels with free education and instruments.

I also work here with my special needs child, involving her in the form of "Natural Environmental Learning," where methods and materials encourage the development of her unique talents and that of others.

Now, I'm running towards my heart and praying to open the hearts of many others along the way.

*I dedicate this blog to the memory of Mrs. Maude Elizabeth Parker Dennis, my beloved Music Teacher.


The Sound of Rising

 Scripture, Piano and Song

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