Attending to Aspirations

 Alora Booth is my former  Beginner's Piano student.    Please join me in celebrating the joy of music in the lives of stars.   

My name is Alora Booth, and I started taking Piano classes from Ms.Grace when I was in the fourth grade.  She taught me the basics of the course, to sit straight and tall, to have your wrists up and to play with feeling.  She taught me what I enjoyed most about the piano, which is to feel the music, to play with it and keep going if you mess up. 

If I had to recommend her class to someone, I would say to go for it with full force, to try it out. 

Playing the piano and learning it from a great teacher like her keeps you interested and makes you want to learn it even faster.

Learning from Ms.Grace was cool, and she always brought new and exciting things into the lessons.  What surprised me the most about learning it with her, was going back to school and seeing how the music theory she taught me, I can use in real-world situations. 

Ms.Grace is a great teacher, and anyone she teaches will love playing the piano as much as I do. 

We Affirm
The Grace of God has blessed us through all of our struggles, barriers, and pitfalls that we never thought or imagined we could overcome.  Through our faith in Almighty God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, we have walked through fire and remain untouched.  As we stand in the ever-intensifying heat of our journey, our experience tells us we were destined to become ashes.  However, like diamonds, our impurities are being removed, and we evolve into instruments of strength within beauty while sitting in God's Mercy.  

We are proud to make available in abundance our devotion, talents, sacrifice and time. 

We connect individuals and organizations while fostering a positive musical understanding, with some Biblical knowledge for each of our students.   

This website is dedicated to Kalise who loves life and is a generous, and kind soul.  She is enthusiastic when she is reading her Bible, praying, and learning.  Kalise excels at spelling, singing, and art. She has two dynamic adult siblings, James and Celestelle, who love her very much.  

Kalise looks forward to our community outreach.  She is my trusted assistant and videographer. By including her in activities of "Grace Bought“ (where appropriate), she engages one on one with peers, while developing her sense of independence and responsibility. Our service structure involves her in the form of "Natural Environmental Learning,” where methods and materials encourage the development of her unique talents and that of others.   

 Scripture, Piano and Song

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